Distinguished Seminar Series in Computational Science and Engineering

Thursday, February 12th │ 12:00 PM* │ 37-212

Assembly of particles in microfluidic-devices
Nadine Aubry
Dean, College of Engineering University Distinguished Professor, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department
Northeastern University

In this presentation, I will report on progress made regarding the manipulation and assembly of particles suspended in liquids or at fluid-liquid interfaces. Emphasis will be given to the dynamics of suspended neutral particles subjected to electric fields in microfluidic devices. In particular it will be shown how the combination of fluid and electrostatic forces leads to the judicious assembly of particles at fluid-liquid interfaces into packed and non-packed organized patterns of long range order.

*Seminar will start at noon, lunch will be provided at 11:45.

Thursday, April 30th │ 12:00 PM* │ 37-212

Claire Tomlin
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
University of California, Berkeley

*Seminar will start at noon, lunch will be provided at 11:45.