Horizontal Software Fellowship in Computational Engineering


Kate Nelson
Room 35-434
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139

617.253.3725 | Email

In summer 2012 the Center for Computational Engineering announced the Horizontal Software Fellowship in Computational Engineering. This fellowship supports the work of a PhD student who wishes to pursue research studies in the development of innovative interfaces (including scripting languages, graphical systems, hardware devices, dissemination,  web strategies) for scientific, engineering, and mathematical software, with particular emphasis on design, optimization, control, parameter estimation, and uncertainty quantification.

The Horizontal Software Fellowship for Computational Engineering will provide one outstanding student a 9-month stipend, tuition, and fees and will be awarded competitively based on short proposals. Emphasis is placed on fundamental research with potential long-term substantial impact on the foundations of computational engineering, and student accomplishments, quality, growth potential, and communication skills.