Recipients of the Kambourides Graduate Fellowship in Computational Engineering


Kate Nelson
Room 35-434
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139

617.253.3725 | Email


Yi-Chieh (Jessica) Wu of EECS. Jessica studies computational biology focusing on domain evolution within the field of phylogenomics and develops models for evolution and algorithms for reconstructing gene histories across multiple species with a goal of discovering how genes form and function. In the bigger picture, she is interested in topics that apply engineering tools to biological problems. Advisor: M Kellis.

Chad Lieberman of AeroAstro. His research focuses on the development of scalable numerical algorithms for inferring unknown physical properties using data collected in the field. Applications for his work could include nuclear waste storage planning, medical imaging, and deep hydrocarbon exploration. His MS thesis (2009) was on Parameter and state model reduction for Bayesian statistical inverse problems. Advisor: K Willcox.

Bradley Bond of EECS. His PhD thesis (2010) was on Stability-preserving model reduction for linear and nonlinear systems arising in analog circuit applications.  Advisor: L Daniel.

Brad is currently a postdoc researcher in the Electrical and Microsystems Modeling group at Sandia National Labs in Albuquerque, New Mexico. His research focus is on developing improved modeling and simulation tools for a variety of applications, including analog circuits, semiconductor devices, quantum dots, and renewable energy sources.